Release Our Demons

by Val Blaha

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I wrote this song as part of the Now See Hear project, developed by Phil Ward, and part of the 2016 FAR-West conference. More details can be found here:

Update 7/25/17: I've added Anna-Maria Cool's original artwork (the inspiration for this song) as the cover photo with permission. Original link for the artwork is at:


you're the wonton my wanton heart's been wanting
you're the wild thing that makes my tone deaf heart sing
you're the sin I'm gluttonously coveting
let's release our demons tonight

you're a sexy beast, hotter than George Clooney
you're the werewolf and I'm your full-on mooney (sorry, Lupin!)
you're Bugs Bunny, my favorite looney tooney
let's release some demons tonight

you're my aphrodisiac kleptomaniac
you've stolen my heart away
if you leave I'll be sad and blue
Honey, I'd pay you to stay

you're the whiskey high up on the top shelf
you're Snoop Dog, and I could be your best milf
you're a craving and I'm caving 'cause I can't control myself, oh
let's release our demons tonight

You're my devotional love potion I'll
love you all night and all day
if we part, my parts will be so blue
Honey, can I pay you to stay?

You're the olive in my dry martini
you're Mona Lisa, and I get your meaning
you're Justin Bieber, and I'm a tween a'screamin'
let's release some demons tonight

so natural
getting volatile, hey
let's get diabolical tonight
let's get demoniacal tonight
let's release our demons tonight


released May 1, 2017
Produced by Val Blaha
Recorded and mixed by Jon Dark, Pyrate Llama Recording Studio, Oregon
Lyrics and music written by Val Blaha.

Val Blaha: vocals, guitar, organ

Art :
Anna-Maria Cool
(used with permission)

all rights reserved


all rights reserved



Val Blaha Portland, Oregon

Music has always been an important part of Val Blaha's life. She loved to sing from a very young age, and started studying piano at age 6, earning accolades and numerous awards before age 17. She has been steadily performing and songwriting for the past 12 years. Val also plays guitar, bass, and mandolin. Her newest album World on Fire will be released in late August 2019. ... more

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